Hair Extensions Flitwick

View our range of luxurious Hair Extensions in Flitwick, to give you that extra boost of confidence!

Hair Extensions Salon

With our Hair Extensions Salon in Flitwick pick from a variety of different shades and lengths of hair extensions.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions

See our range of top quality Micro Ring Hair Extensions in Flitwick. We offer a luxury line of hair extensions made to blend perfectly with your hair, from your desired length to your hair colour no matter how unique.

Pre Bonded Hair Extensions

Our keratin Pre Bonded Hair Extensions in Flitwick creates a perfectly natural finish every time. Coming in a range of various shades and lengths , your desired look can be achieved with ease.

Nano Ring Hair Extensions

Our Nano Ring Hair Extensions in Flitwick are weightless and combine perfectly with your own hair, creating an effortless finish. They are the smallest and most undetectable extensions available which are perfect for most hair types!

Keratin Hair Extensions

With our Keratin Hair Extensions in Flitwick finding your ideal colour match has never been so easy, with a broad selection of different shades and lengths it’s easy to find your perfect hair colour.

Weave Hair Extensions

Choose from a variety of Weave Hair Extensions in Flitwick, offering a vast amount of different shades and lengths; these extensions have proved to be highly popular.

Tape Hair Extensions

Our Tape Hair Extensions in Flitwick can provide your hair with the volume and length it needs, providing a natural, seamless look these extensions are ideal for everyday purposes.

LA Weave

Our LA Weave Hair Extensions in Flitwick are installed to give a completely natural and comfortable feel, making it the perfect choice for a natural finish. It is now the most popular method, and with a fitting time of only 45 minutes, gone are the days of 3-4 hour appointments.

Not only do our LA Weaves blend perfectly with your own hair, they can last for up to 10 weeks with no maintenance and the hair can last for up to 9 months with the correct products and aftercare, so you can enjoy your long luscious locks for even longer.

La weave Authorised Technician
Beauty Works Approved

Beauty Works

Try our Beauty Works in Flitwick, we provide a range of highest quality Hair Extensions, made to blend seamlessly with your hair making them virtually invisible.

Being 100% human hair, no style is too drastic with our Beauty works hair extensions, you can go from straight to curly within minutes and still have that perfectly natural finish. Here at Angel Hair Extensions, we aim to give every customer that extra boost of confidence and make sure they leave with a smile every time.


"I just Love my new hair, they are so knowledgable there at Angel Hair Extensions. Highly recommended!"

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