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What is the difference between a full head of extensions, half a head, and three quarters?

Most clients go for a full head of extensions as you get the maximum fullness and thickness, and they blend completely with your own hair. A full head of extensions is suitable for most hair types, although if your hair is very thin or fine the extensions may be visible higher up so a half or three quarter head would be more suitable. Half a head of extensions is mainly to add thickness without adding much length, so if a client already has fairly long hair they may want to just make it a bit thicker. A three quarter head of extensions is in between a full head and half head so is suitable for some extra thickness and length if you don’t want the amount of hair as a full head.

How do I wash the extensions?

You should wait 48 hours before washing the pre-bonded extensions to allow for the bonds to set properly. Wash your hair a maximum of 2-3 times a week, not every day as the less stress put on the extensions through washing and drying the better. Always use the recommended products and wash your hair in a shower if possible, with your head upright, and massage your scalp gently whilst shampooing. Always pat hair gently with a towel after washing and do not rub, twist, or wrap the hair up in a towel on top of your head as this can pull on the roots of the extensions. A leave in conditioner should be used after the hair has been towel dried

How long does it take to fit the extensions?

For the individual strand methods on average it takes a maximum of three hours to fit a full head, around two to two and a half hours to fit a three quarter head, and an hour and a half to fit half a head of extensions. For the LA weave and micro weft extensions it takes around one hour.

Can I still tie my hair up with extensions in?

Yes it is still possible to tie your hair up with extensions in as they are applied away from the parting and away from your hair line. It is not recommended to tie them very tightly, or wear them in a very high ponytail as the bonds / rings may become visible. The LA weave is the best method if you plan on wearing your hair up often, as it is only applied to a few rows.

Can I go on holiday with extensions in?

Extensions are great for holidays as you can just wake up with long flowing hair and leave it naturally wavy without having to straighten or blow-dry it. It is recommended that you put your hair into a loose plait and coat it in conditioner whilst sunbathing and swimming. This way the hair will be protected from heat, chlorine and sun damage, and will stay in good condition.

Can I dye the extensions?

t is not recommended that you colour, dye or use silver shampoo on the extensions. We offer a vast variety of extension colours to match alomost all hair colours. If you do choose to dye / colour the extensions it is done at your own risk and Angel Hair Extensions cannot be held responsible for any colouring which doesn’t go to plan. Once hair extensions have been coloured or chemically changed they are void from any guarantees.

Can I straighten and curl the extensions?

Yes, as the hair is 100% human hair you can curl it, straighten it, and blow-dry it. It is important to use heat protection if you straighten or curl it so that it stays in good condition.

 My hair is naturally wavy, can I still have extensions?

Hair extensions are suitable for people with straight or wavy hair. The Russian hair goes wavy when it’s washed so you can either leave it wavy or straighten it if you have straight hair.

What products do I need to use on extensions?

It is strongly recommended that you use products which are specifically designed for hair extensions. Using a normal shampoo which contains chemicals such as silicon and sulphate, or a shampoo which is too moisturising will break down the bonds and soften them, and they can then fall out easily. Conditioner can only be applied to the mid-lengths and ends of the hair as this will also soften the extension bonds if it is applied near the roots. It is important to keep extensions well conditioned as the hair is not attached to your scalp and is therefore not getting the vitamins and nutrients it needs. A hair extension brush such as a Tangle Teezer should be used as it will be more gentle on your hair than using a normal brush, which can catch the extensions and pull them out. We sell all of the recommended aftercare products to use with your extensions and these can either be purchased over the phone, or when you come in for your appointment. Angel Hair Extensions cannot be held responsible for any problems with the hair extensions if products other than the ones we sell / recommend are used on the extensions, and our guarantee is only valid for clients who purchase the correct aftercare products from ourselves.

How do I look after hair extensions?

Hair extensions are easy to look after but require more time than your own hair. They need maintaining, conditioning, gentle brushing and separating. You will have to be willing to spend more time on them and have patience otherwise they will not stay looking good.

During the time your extensions are in you may sometimes notice strands of your own hair coming out with the root attached. This is only hair which has not been able to escape the extension which you would have normally shed naturally. On average we naturally lose around 100 of our own strands of hair per day and these are the strands which would’ve usually fallen out but can’t come out completely because of the extensions, so do not worry it is not the extensions pulling your hair out.

We will go through all of the hair extension aftercare with you thoroughly on the day of the fitting and give you an aftercare sheet which you can take away with you.

Do I have to come for a consultation first?

We do recommend that clients come in for a free consultation before deciding whether to go ahead with having extensions fitted. However, a consultation isn’t always necessary. If you live very far away and only want to travel once to get your extensions fitted then you can have a telephone consultation and just email some photos of your hair or post a small sample of your hair for colour matching. Also if your hair is in good condition, at least shoulder length, and all one colour then you can do the same. If your hair is unable to go into a ponytail or you have a variety of different colours in your hair then you would need to come for the consultation first so we can make sure your hair is suitable and get the perfect colour match. A consultation generally takes 15-20 minutes.

How do I prepare my hair for getting hair extensions fitted?

On the day of the fitting please make sure your hair is washed, preferably with a clarifying shampoo which ensures all oil and residue is removed from your hair. This is more important if you are having the pre-bonded method of extensions. If you don’t have a clarifying shampoo then a normal shampoo is fine. Please do not apply any styling products or conditioner anywhere near the roots as this can affect the adhesion of the keratin bonds, or cause micro rings to slip. Please come for your appointment with your hair straightened and in its usual parting.

Can you fit extensions to Afro-Caribbean hair?

Yes extensions can be applied to Afro-Caribbean hair and I have many clients with this hair type. However, it is important that you hair has been relaxed at least one week before having the extensions fitted. Extensions cannot be applied to Afro hair which has not been relaxed.

Do I have to pay a deposit when I book?

A deposit of ££100 is required upon booking so your hair can be ordered and to secure your appointment. The deposit is non-refundable and will be lost if the appointment is cancelled. It is deducted from the total amount payable on the day.

How long does my hair need to be to have hair extensions?

Ideally your hair needs to be able to fit into a ponytail, even if it’s just a short stubby one. This ensures that your hair will blend with the extensions and look natural. Extensions can be fitted to shorter hair but it depends on the style. If your hair is very short then the bonds may be visible and you wouldn’t be able to have extensions, so it is important that you come for a free consultation so we can make sure it’s suitable.

Which method should I go for?

At the free consultation we will determine which method is most suitable for your hair type / lifestyle.

My hair is very thick and cut in a bob, can I still have extensions?

If your hair is very thick and has a blunt cut then it won’t blend naturally with the extensions or look good. We recommend that before you get extensions fitted you get your hair thinned by having some layers cut and get the ends razored so there isn’t a blunt line. There’s nothing worse than that awful ‘mushroom effect’!

Will the extensions damage my hair?

Do not believe all of the horror stories you hear. As long as extensions have been applied correctly, properly maintained, and properly removed they will cause little or no damage to your own hair (depending on the quality of your hair to begin with). Picking at bonds and being rough whilst brushing causes the most damage. Most people find that the extensions have helped their own hair grow quite a lot over the time they are in and also improved the condition of it. Please take extra care in all aspects of maintenance if you have naturally fine or thin hair as the extensions and bonds do put a slight added strain on the roots. Being as gentle as possible minimises damage to your own hair, and although extensions should cause little or no damage, it helps to treat them carefully as it is an un-natural process which may take your scalp time to adjust to.

Can I remove the extensions myself?

It is not recommended that you remove the extensions yourself in case you damage your hair. Always go back to the stylist / salon that fitted them or get them removed by a professional hair extension technician. We sell the removal solution and removal pliers if you choose to go to another salon to remove them. We cannot be held responsible for any damage that maybe caused by yourself or another salon removing the extensions.

Do I need to give my hair a break in between extension sets?

Not necessarily. As long as you have followed the aftercare, used the recommended products, and had your extensions removed professionally, then your hair will be in good condition and you can have another set put straight back in if you wanted to.

Will any extensions come out?

Yes it is normal with all extension methods to lose some of the extensions during the time they are in. Some clients only lose a couple and other clients lose more as it just depends how gentle you are when looking after them. The more gentle and careful you are when washing, brushing and styling the hair, the less likely they are to come out.

For more information or free advice please call us on 07985401836.

Can I Have Extensions Fitted And A Hair Cut In One Appointment?

Yes, of course. You will need to let our team know prior to the date you wish to have your treatments, and we can get this all booked in for you. Whether you would like a full head colour or just a quick trim, we can help you achieve your look in one appointment.

Do I Need A Patch Test?

If you have not had your hair coloured with Angel Hair Extensions before, then yes, you will need to come in for a patch test prior to your hair appointment. This is to make sure that you are not allergic to the products that we use.

Do I Have To Have A Consultation?

If it is just a trim you are after, then you do not need to come in for a consultation beforehand. However, if you are having extensions fitted as well as colouring, then you will need to have a consultation with our professional hairdressers.

Can You Colour Match My Hair?

Our hairdressers can try their best to colour match your hair dye with the rest of your hair. With the array of colours that we have available, it is very likely that it is possible to colour match your hair effectively.

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