Hair Extensions Leighton Buzzard

See our Luxury range of Hair Extensions in Leighton Buzzard made to blend seamlessly with your natural Hair.

Hair Extensions Salon

Choose from a range of gorgeous hair extensions in our Hair Extensions Salon in Leighton Buzzard

Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Our Micro Ring Hair Extensions in Leighton Buzzard provide ultimate length and volume at cost effective prices, they combine perfectly with your natural hair for a neat and effortless natural finish.

Pre Bonded Hair Extensions

View our range of luxury Pre Bonded Hair Extensions in Leighton Buzzard. They are specially designed to match the colour of your hair exactly and come in a range of lengths to create your preferred look.

Nano Ring Hair Extensions

Our quality Nano Ring Hair Extensions in Leighton Buzzard are light weight and undetectable, they come in a range of shades and lengths, so whatever look you want, here at Angel Hair Extensions, we make it happen!

Keratin Hair Extensions

Our Keratin Hair Extensions in Leighton Buzzard create a natural yet flawless look, for all the time.

Weave Hair Extensions

Our Weave Hair Extensions in Leighton Buzzard come in a range of colours and lengths meaning we can find your perfect colour match.

Tape Hair Extensions

With our Tape Hair Extensions in Leighton Buzzard, your luscious locks are now easy to achieve, undetectable and easy to maintain these extensions are ideal for the natural look.

LA Weave

Our state of the art LA Weave Hair Extensions in Leighton Buzzard are the new cutting edge method of installing Hair Extensions. Being 100% Russian human hair, they give you the option of endless styles and look completely natural and thick. The LA Weave is fitted to give a completely natural and comfortable feel, making it the perfect choice for a beautiful finish.

Our LA Weave hair extensions are so popular because of their longevity, with maintenance every 6-10 weeks, and the hair lasting for up to 9 months with the correct products and aftercare, you can whip and flip your hair for many seasons!

La weave Authorised Technician
Beauty Works Approved

Beauty Works

Our Beauty Works hair extensions in Leighton Buzzard are designed to combine effortlessly with your natural hair, we offer them in a range of colours and lengths, so your desired look can be achieved every time.

Our range of beauty works hair gives you thick and luxurious hair whilst still looking completely natural. Here at Angel Hair Extensions we make every customer feel 100% satisfied and look 100% beautiful.


"These are the best hair extensions I have had by far. The quality of the hair is absolutely amazing! I had the LA Weave and can’t recommend it enough."

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