Hair Extensions Wellingborough

See our quality Hair Extension in Wellingborough, which are all available in a vast variety of colours and lengths.

Hair Extensions Salon

Check out our Hair Extensions Salon in Wellingborough; we offer a wide range of gorgeous hair extensions.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Our Micro Ring Hair Extension in Wellingborough are lightweight and offer you an extremely natural and thick, full look.

Pre Bonded Hair Extensions

Keratin Pre Bonded Hair Extension in Wellingborough offer the perfect colour match to your natural locks.

Nano Ring Hair Extensions

Our Nano Ring Hair Extensions in Wellingborough are the smallest and most discreet hair extensions method.

Keratin Hair Extensions

Keratin Hair Extensions in Wellingborough provide your hair with the nutrients and protein it needs to grow.

Weave Hair Extensions

Weave Hair Extensions in Wellingborough allow you to achieve a perfectly effortless look.

Tape Hair Extensions

Looking for hair extensions which are easy to maintain? Take a look at Tape Hair Extensions in Wellingborough.

LA Weave

Our LA Weave Hair Extensions in Wellingborough are designed perfectly to blend with your natural hair. With a short installation process, you eliminate the need to be sat in the chair for 3-4 hours.

What makes our LA Weave so great is that it is durable and will last you 8-10 weeks at a time without having to worry about maintenance given you take good care of it and use the right products.

La weave Authorised Technician
Beauty Works Approved

Beauty Works

Achieve beautiful long hair with our Beauty Works Hair Extensions in Wellingborough. Made from 100% human hair, you can have effortlessly gorgeous natural looking hair.

Beauty works are also loved by many celebrities and are widely used within the industry.


"I adore my LA Weave, it takes no time to fit and always looks perfect!"

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