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Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

Pre-bonded hair extensions are individual strand extensions with a Keratin bond attached to the tip of the strand. Keratin is a natural protein, which is kind to your hair and also promotes hair growth. Clients often find their hair grows faster with these forms of extensions.

Application Time: 1 – 3 Hours

Removal Time: 1 – 2.5 Hours

Refit Time: 3-4 Months

Suitable For: All Hair Types

pre bonded hair extensions
bonded hair extensions

About Our Pre Bonded Extensions

Pre bonded Hair Extensions are applied using a heat connector, which heats the keratin bond up and seals it, so it’s like the shape of a grain of rice. The bonds are very small and unnoticeable; this method is suitable for all hair types. The pre-bonded hair extensions will last for 3-4 months then will need to be removed. They cannot be moved up or re-used due to the bonds being dissolved during the removal process.

Pre-bonded Hair Extensions are very secure and durable, although it is extremely important that the correct hair extension shampoo is used so that the bonds stay hard and don’t go soft or sticky; otherwise they will fall out easily. Most clients who follow the correct aftercare don’t lose any bonds at all during the time they are in. Maintenance it is recommended to get some new strands of hair added after around 6-8 weeks of wear to keep them looking at their best

Sasha Ayres

“I have never had hair extensions before and was a little worried they would damage my hair. After having my initial consultation with Rachel, she assured me they would not damage my hair as long as I kept to the aftercare. It has now been three months since I have had them fitted and I am so happy with them. “

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Will pre-bonded extensions damage my hair?

If they are not applied correctly to your natural hair, they can cause damage, which is why it is imperative you have your pre bonded extensions applied by a professional hair extensions technician.

Why should I book in for maintenance after 6-8 weeks?

On average your natural hair sheds anywhere between 100-150 strands a day, this all depends on how much hair you have in the first place, your age and lifestyle. The hair that you naturally shed will stay in the bonds; these loose hairs will then start to become tangled between one another, which can begin to get matted. You will also naturally lose a couple of strands of hair as you style and brush it, so when you come for maintenance, we simply remove any old strands which need removing and top the hair up with new strands to make sure you always have luscious full looking locks.

When can I wash my hair with pre-bonded extensions?

We always suggest to our clients leaving your hair unwashed for around 2-3 days, by doing so you are allowing the bonds to completely set and seal to your natural hair. If you wash them too soon you can weaken them.

How are the pre-bonded extensions applied?

We use what is called a hot fusion method; we use a heat connector to melt the keratin glue at around 180C. The heat connector is only applied to a small section of the hair to be bonded and and does not cause damage. It can take between 1-3 hours to fit pre-bonded hair extensions depending on the thickness of your hair and how many you are having applied.


will it be painful having   pre-bonded extensions?

When you have your pre-bonded extensions fitted, they should not feel uncomfortable. The hair is attached to sections of your hair the same thickness and weight as the extension strands, the hair extensions technician fitting your hair will always take the correct amount of hair for each extension to make sure it can take the weight of the extensions and attach to your hair with no discomfort.

Can I put my hair up with pre-bonded extensions?

Yes, you can put your hair up, however, during the first two weeks of installation we recommend keeping your hair in a low ponytail. Your hair and scalp need time to adjust and get used to having the pre-bonded extensions in, during the first two weeks putting your hair up high can cause slight discomfort or tightness whilst your hair extensions are still new and closer to your roots.

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