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Common Aftercare Mistakes

Hair Extensions are an amazing way to quickly change up your look, increase the length of your hair and add volume. As the years have increased, more and more women are wearing Hair Extensions as part of their everyday hair and beauty routine, so caring for their hair is essential to keep them looking beautiful and touchably soft. However, when it comes to aftercare there are some common mistakes that are easy to avoid when you know the correct way to care for your extensions.

In our new article we will look into these certain topics:

  • Sleeping With Wet Extensions
  • Securing Extensions when sleeping
  • Separating Extension Bonds
  • Using the Correct Aftercare products
  • Conditioning Hair Extensions

So for more on ‘Common After Mistakes’, read our article!

Sleeping With Wet Hair Extensions

This is a very common mistake and as mentioned in some of our previous articles, sleeping with wet hair extensions can drastically decrease the life of your Hair Extensions. Sleeping with wet Hair Extensions can cause the extension hair and your own hair to matt and tangle together ending up in a knotty mess!
To avoid this, after washing your Hair Extensions, ensure that they are fully dried, so when you wake up, you wake up to beautiful and tangle free Hair Extensions.

Wet Hair

Securing Extensions when sleeping

To keep your Hair Extensions from tangling when you sleep, it is vital that they are secured in a ponytail or a plait before you go to bed. There are many Anti-Tension bobbles, which are great for securing ponytails and plaits as they secure the hair in place, but place no tension on the extensions or scalp. Sleeping with your hair out loose will cause the bonds to rub against each other, resulting in matted hair.

Separating Extension Bonds & Rings

This step has to be one of the most important parts of your Hair Extension routine. Every bond or micro /nano ring must be separated from the roots on a regular basis to stop them from tangling together as they grow down with your hair. If this is not done it leaves your Hair Extensions vulnerable to matting, making your hair extensions very uncomfortable and difficult to manage, and can also lead to damage of your natural hair. If you do not separate or detangle your Hair Extensions for a long time, then the best solutions is to remove them and have them reapplied. Therefore, separating them – which only takes up to 5 minutes every few days, seems like a small sacrifice.

Using the c­­­correct Aftercare products

Aftercare products are a key part of keeping hair extensions looking and feeling their best and ensuring they last as long as possible. Your technician should always recommend the correct Aftercare products after you have had your Hair Extensions installed. Here at Angel Hair Extensions, we offer beautiful Hair Extensions in Milton Keynes, along with our amazing Beauty Works aftercare products. We always want our customers to get the most out of their Hair Extensions to ensure they last for longer, so we always recommend the vital Aftercare products.

Smooth Hair

Conditioning Hair Extensions

One mistake that is usually made when washing Hair Extensions, is putting conditioner too close to or onto the bonds / micro rings and not using the recommended shampoo and conditioner to suit your Hair Extensions. Choosing a shampoo that does not contain sulphate means they will not dry out your Hair Extensions or affect the bonds breaking down or slippage of micro / nano rings, and will ensure your extensions remain softer for longer. When conditioning, if you do apply conditioner to the bonds of your Hair Extensions this can soften and weaken them, then they may slide out.

By avoiding the common mistakes mentioned prior and keeping on top of caring for your Hair Extensions, they will last much longer and will also stay looking beautiful for much longer.­

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