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How to Hide Hair Extensions in Very Short Hair

Hiding hair extensions in very short hair can be a bit challenging, but with the right technique and product, it can be done effectively. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you achieve a seamless look:

  1. Choose the right hair extensions: Opt for extensions that are designed specifically for short hair. Look for tape-in or clip-in extensions that are made with fine, soft, and flexible hair fibers that blend well with your natural hair.
  2. Match the colour: Make sure the hair extensions match your natural hair colour as closely as possible. If you have highlights or lowlights in your hair, you may want to consider getting multiple shades of extensions to match the different tones in your hair.
  3. Cut the extensions to match your hair length: Cut the extensions to the same length as your hair, or slightly longer if you want to add some length and volume to your hair. Make sure the cut is even and the extensions blend seamlessly with your hair.
  4. Use a volumising powder: To add texture and volume to your hair, use a volumising powder at the roots of your hair. This will help to create a more natural and seamless look and make it easier to blend the extensions with your hair.
  5. Apply the extensions: If you are using tape-in extensions, apply them to the root of your hair, making sure that they are centered and evenly spaced. If you are using clip-in extensions, clip them into your hair at the roots, making sure they are secure.
  6. Blend the extensions with your hair: Use your fingers or a comb to blend the extensions with your hair. Make sure that the extensions are not visible and that your hair looks natural and seamless.
  7. Style your hair: Once the extensions are in place, style your hair as you normally would. Use a round brush and a hairdryer to add volume and texture, or use a flat iron to straighten your hair.
  8. Use a finishing product: To help keep the extensions in place and prevent them from slipping, use a finishing product such as a light-hold hair spray.

With these tips, you should be able to hide hair extensions in very short hair effectively. Remember to be gentle when handling your hair and extensions, and always use a heat protectant when styling with heat tools.

In conclusion, hiding hair extensions in very short hair is not impossible, but it does require some patience and technique. By following these steps and using the right products, you can achieve a seamless look that will make it look like you have longer, fuller hair.

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