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How to Re-use your Old Hair Extensions

We all love hair extensions because they boost the hair’s look, especially if you have thinner patches on some parts of your head. With proper care, hair extensions can last a long time. However, you eventually have to replace them after they start wearing out. Any long-term owner is familiar with the signs that indicate that you need to change your hair extensions, such as a tangly and dry look. However, old hair extensions are not always doomed to be trashed, as they can be re-used in smart ways to increase their longevity. They include:

1. Making a hair rat out of old extensions

Hair rat! Not the best name, but this idea looks more of a rat than anything else and is useful for instant volume. All you need for this trick is a set of old extensions, a backcombing brush, and a hair net. The rat can be sewn together at the ends to create a podium for making the perfect hair bun. They could also be used to some extra volume to your French twist, or you could create Bettie Page-style bangs that are easy and stylish.

2. Pull off a braided headband

Braided crowns are stylish and modern if you know how to work with old hair extensions. To achieve this cute look, take a thin plastic headband and attach a thick section of hair extensions to your headband using a hair band. Next, split the extension into three strands and braid them around the headband. To finish up, tie this point with another hair band, and voila!

3. Create a hair bun

You can use your old hair extensions to create a neat bun if you like the look of a bun but have less hair volume. To make it, you first need a few of your thickest hair extensions, bobby pins, a hair donut, and hair ties. To begin, first, create an extension donut and clip the extensions to it in the middle. Twist the hair to pave a way through the center and cover the donut using the extension spread. Continue wrapping until you run out of hair and secure it using the bobby pin. Repeat the procedure until the donut is covered with hair or you achieve your desired thickness.

To attach the donut, pull your hair into a ponytail and pull it to the center. Spread out the hair to cover the donut. Finish by twisting the ends of the hair around the bun and secure it with bobby pins.

4. Try fun colours

Everyone has doubts about dying their extensions soon after they buy them. However, if you have always been fascinated with colours but haven’t even got a chance to try them out because of fear that chemicals will ruin them, here’s your chance. Your old extensions have already gone through a rough time in the hands of heat and chemicals, so trying out some new chemicals can’t do much harm. As such, you can dye your old extensions yourself or take them to a hair salon for a more professional touch. Using your hair extensions with a pop colour is a fun way to give them a new purpose and outlook.

Bottom Line

The truth is, hair extensions will only serve you as long as you take care of them, but after they are old and worn out, you can always repurpose them for other hair DIY tricks and increase their longevity in the process. You can always reuse your old hair extensions instead of trashing them, and who knows, you might look even better in old hair extensions than in new ones.

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