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Do Hair Extensions Ruin Your Hair? Myths and Misconceptions

If you’ve ever delved into the internet for information on the world of hair extensions, we can almost guarantee that you will be hit with a wave of negative press. And, to be honest, if you are a newbie to extensions, we do understand that the disconcerting stories can cause a little confusion.

As your personal guardian angels sent from hair heaven, we’re here to set the record straight and give you honest answers to some of the most common misconceptions. We’ll answer every question you could possibly have in mind, from ‘do hair extensions ruin your hair?’ to ‘how do you keep extensions in perfection condition?’ – we promise by the end, you will adore hair extensions just as much as we do!

Do Hair Extensions Ruin Your Hair? The Most Common Misconception

Let’s begin with the most common misconception. A question that if we had a pound for every time we were asked, we would be as rich as Kylie Jenner – do hair extensions ruin your hair? The correct answer is, no, hair extensions will not damage your hair if they are fitted professionally and are cared for well.

In the past, hair extensions did have a rather bad reputation, simply due to the lack of options available. Clip-in extensions were known to be visible in the hair and cause strain on the follicles due to poorly designed clips, which pulled at the root. Whereas, nowadays, there are so many hair extension alternatives which are kind to the hair, causing absolutely no damage (don’t worry girls, we’ll explain each of these later on in the article).

When considering hair extensions, it is also essential to ensure that you only book in with a reputable technician, who will meticulously fit your new, luscious locks. As specialists in hair extensions in Ampthill for many years, we have had so many girls come to us for help, to save their hair after a bad experience with a different company. While, of course, your locks can always be saved, it is imperative to ensure that you opt for a trustworthy expert from the beginning.

Girl with long red hair

Banishing Hair Extension Myths

Although the biggest misconception surrounding hair extensions has been solved, we’re not quite finished our quest to myth-busting just yet. There are still a number of false statements circling the internet that we need to let you in on – you’ll thank us later!

Extensions Will Blend Seamlessly

We’ve all seen our fair share of questionable hair extension photos shared on social media, which most definitely are not the best colour match to natural shades. However, this problem is merely down to either an untrained technician or someone trying to use cheap extensions. If you opt for a technician who is experienced with an excellent reputation, you are guaranteed to achieve a seamless blend.

During your consultation, your chosen technician will spend time getting to know your hair and your personal requirements. They will then colour match extensions and prepare them in time for your fitting appointment. Each strand will be fitted individually, following your hair patterning to ensure results are natural. Even your closest loved ones won’t be able to notice!

Extension Tracks Will Not Show

Of course, some hair extension types need a track. However, it most definitely does not need to be noticeable. If you notice someone with a visible track, then it is almost certain that they are wearing clip-ins and have fitted their extensions themselves. Or it could be that their weft was fitted too high on their head making it visible.

When fitting any form of professional hair extensions, technicians will ensure that absolutely no sign of tracks, bonds or rings can be seen. Extensions will be carefully placed in the ‘safe zone’ which is in the bottom half of the scalp. The ‘safe zone’ is in line with below your eyebrow line, meaning that there will be plenty of hair to camouflage the track.

Extensions Will Not Give You Headaches

A strange but surprisingly common myth regarding extensions. Wearing hair extensions will not give you headaches and if they are, again, its most likely because you’ve attached your own clip-ins or your extensions haven’t been fitted correctly. Those who opt for clip-ins sometimes go a little OTT with the amount that they put in. They try to place too many hairpieces, making the extensions super heavy on the head and causing discomfort.

Extensions that have been professionally fitted, on the other hand, will be weighed and measured to ensure that the additional hair is as unnoticeable and as comfortable as possible. The longer you wear hair extensions, the more natural they will feel, and before you know it, you will no longer feel complete without them!

Extensions Are Totally Safe

Hair extensions are totally safe, and let’s be honest, if they were dangerous, then why would they be so popular? As always, if you spend time researching a reliable, quality technician, then you will have no problems with your extensions. Your hair will not become damaged, brittle, broken, or start to thin – it will remain as healthy as ever.

Extensions Will Not Tangle

Along with extra thickness and length, will come extra care. You wouldn’t leave your natural hair in a matted mess after washing, so why do the same to your extensions? Your hair extensions will not tangle unless you fail to care for them, just the same as if you were dealing with completely natural hair.

Shades of hair extensions

Finding The Perfect Extension Type

As promised, now we’ve solved all of your burning questions, its time to delve deeper into the extensions themselves. Just like us girls, each hair extension type is an individual with their own personality traits. The difference in extension types is based on how they are fixed to the roots; each is best suited to a different kind of hair. So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look!

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Tape-in extensions are pretty self-explanatory. Each hairpiece is designed with a pre-taped, flat polyurethane weft strip which is then fitted to the root. Extensions are placed in a sandwich-like formation and results last up to 8 weeks.

LA Weave

As the most popular technique in the world of hair extensions, the LA Weave is the perfect option for most hair types as long as your hair is long enough to blend with the weave. Weft hair extensions are sewn delicately on to tiny rings which are placed in a row (track) between small sections of hair. There is no need to braid the hair before fitting an LA Weave, making it the flattest and kindest of application methods.

Pre Bonded

While pre-bonded extensions are more than capable of lasting up to four months, they do require a little extra care to protect the bonds. When fitting pre-bonded extensions, a heat connector is used to seal keratin bonds to tiny sections of natural hair. These are very discrete and ideal if you regularly style your hair in an up-do. These are suitable for all hair types.

Micro Rings

Micro rings are ideal for those who adore the idea of extensions, yet want to steer clear from any methods involving heat, glue, sewing and braiding. Instead, extensions are clamped into place using small copper rings; all of which feature a silicone lining to avoid strain on the roots. As micro rings can be slightly more noticeable, they are better suited to darker, thicker hair.

Nano Rings

If you love the thought of micro rings, but your hair is thinner or lighter in colour, then nano rings are perfect. Nano rings use the same method of application as micro rings, but the copper rings are even smaller. They are super versatile, so can be fitted higher up towards the root.

Fitting hair extensions

Keeping Extensions In Immaculate Condition

When considering fitting hair extensions for the first time, many assume that they will require hours of care. However, this is most definitely not the case. Although you will need to give your extensions just that little extra TLC to keep them in immaculate condition and prevent damage, it can be as simple as making a few slight changes to your routine. Here at our hair extension salon, we’ve picked up plenty of helpful tips to maintain those luscious locks. And even better, we’re going to let you into our little secrets!

Maintenance Appointments

Girls, if we were asked for our most important hair extension tip, it would always be to attend your maintenance appointments. Maintenance sessions with your technician are vital in ensuring that your extensions remain in healthy condition, last as long as possible, and do not begin to damage the follicles.

During your appointment, your scalp, hair and extensions will be monitored to check for any signs of matting and tangles. Your technician will ensure that your natural hair continues to grow and determine whether you would benefit from an uplift. An uplift is simply the process of moving rings back up to their original position, necessary if your hair grows considerably quicker than the average rate.

More information on the importance of maintenance appointments can be found on Simply Hair.

Wash Extensions Correctly

Always ensure that you only use the hair care products recommended by your professional technician. They would have provided you with aftercare advice for a reason; these will be the best products to prolong the life and health of both your extensions and natural hair. Always ensure that you have been given a full selection of products before attempting to wash your extensions – this Beauty & Melody article includes some great suggestions!

When it comes to the washing process itself, there are a few quick tips to maximise results. A special hair extension shampoo, as always, can be used on the entire head including the roots, whereas conditioner should only be used on the mid-lengths and ends of the hair. Using conditioner on the roots may cause extensions to begin slipping or become loose. If possible, aim to wash your hair while in the shower, so that the water can flow straight down the hair in the natural growth direction. While it may seem more convenient to flip your hair over the bath to wash, it does increase the likelihood of tangling.

Brush With Care

One of the biggest culprits for causing damage is failing to brush with care. Your extensions are fitted to your natural hair from the roots, meaning that pulling and tugging will not only hurt, but also reduce the lifespan of extensions. Even on the busiest of mornings, take time to gently brush through your locks, starting from the bottom and working your way up. Our fellow hair angels, Tangle Angel Professional stock the most gorgeous wing-design brushes, perfect for detangling your extensions!

Always Dry After Washing

It is vital never to sleep with wet or damp hair while wearing hair extensions. Not only will it cause tangling from the root, but also increase the likelihood of damage to natural hair. Your hair is at its weakest whilst wet, meaning that it can become brittle during the night as you toss and turn. Always give yourself a little extra time to thoroughly dry your hair before heading off to bed. The best hair dryers for those with extensions include the BaByliss 2100 Salon Light, GHD Air and Remington Keratin Protect.

Woman combing hair

Releasing Your Inner Rapunzel

We hope that we have given you an honest insight into the world of hair extensions, solving every question that may be on your mind. Hair extensions are most definitely a worthwhile investment if you are dreaming on Rapunzel-style locks. Treat your extensions just as you would do so your natural hair. Take care, apply a hydrating mask when it’s looking a little dull and enjoy having hair that your besties will swoon over!

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