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How to Wear Your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions come with a wide range of benefits, such as added hair length and enhanced volume. However, to obtain the full benefits of wearing extensions, you should start by learning some of the best ways to wear them. 

This guide discusses the various tips on how to wear your hair extension:

Get Yourself Good Quality Hair Extensions

There is nothing like a one-size-fits-all kind of hair extension. With hair extension quality, it really is a case of ‘You get what you pay for’. What we mean by this is, if you buy cheap, poor quality extensions, it’s likely you won’t create the look you wanted and the hair won’t last long. Ideally, you should wear high-quality hair extensions and ones with a perfect colour match to your natural hair. The extensions you select should also be comfortable and easy to cut into your preferred style. Hairstylists also recommend identifying hair extensions that blend with your hair texture.

Curl Your Natural Hair

There are plenty of ways to blend your natural hair with extensions, and the use of curls is one of them. Curling your hair helps in creating a pattern that is consistent with the hair extensions. Consider a high-quality hair curling iron to make the right waves on your hair.

Braid Your Hair to Lock Up the Shorter Hairs

Unless you are lucky to have naturally long hair or are looking for an extension to enhance existing hair volume, your shorter hairs are likely to peek through from the extensions. This will create an obvious impression that you are wearing hair extensions. However, as a rule, your natural hair should blend with your extensions perfectly. This is why you should consider braiding your hair’s bottom layer, which consists of short hair strands.

To do this, grab the short hairs on the bottom layer, braid them, and wrap them in a way that they lie flat against your head. You can use bobby pins to clip the braided hair in its place. You can now clip your extension above the point where you hold the braided hair. Once you are done wearing the extension, you can let down the non-braided hair.

Style Your Extensions with a Hair Extension Hanger

It is crucial to style your extensions before wearing them, as it can be difficult to do when the extensions are clipped into your natural hair. The best way to style your extension is by hanging it on a hair extension hanger. The hanger is designed to securely hold the weft in place as you style or curl the extension. You can then clip the styled extension into already curled natural hair for a consistent look.

Clip the Extensions Diagonally

Of all the extension hacks, this is the most important one, especially for anyone with layered hair. When you clip your extension diagonally, your natural hair gets high-to-low out-turn that provides a perfect blend to your layered hair. This is particularly important if you use micro ring extensions!

Stack Your Hair Extensions to Save on Space

If you have a smaller head, then stacking your extensions will help you save on space. Place two wefts on each other to create one big weft and clip it all together on your natural hair. This is also a great way to achieve a voluminous hair look. Do not stack more than two wefts together to avoid discomfort and unnecessary weight or pulling on your hair. You can also apply this method to add thickness to the bottom layer of your hair.

Use a Ponytail or Braid Your Extensions When Sleeping

Professional hair stylists recommend sleeping with your hair extensions in a braid or ponytail. This is because hair extensions are not as good as your natural hair when it comes to absorbing oils from the scalp. Therefore, your extensions are more likely to matt or tangle when left in their non-braided state.

Find the Right Brush for Your Hair

Brushing your natural hair together with the clip in extensions can be quite challenging. This is why you should get the right brush for your hair. Otherwise, any ordinary brush can pull at the roots of your hair, causing the extension wefts to move around. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it also ruins every effort you had in place to wear the hair extensions. Ensure that the brush you use is designed with bristles that do not pull, snag, or damage your extension wefts. Your brush should also be able to glide through the hair and untangle it without moving the extension wefts.

Store the Extensions Properly

Storing your extensions properly is the best way to make them last longer. One way to do this is by designating a dresser drawer for your extensions. A dresser drawer helps you keep the extensions clean and organised. You can also get a storage pouch or silk pillowcase to secure your extensions from possible damages.

Back-comb Your Roots

This hack is crucial to people with thin hair. It is quite tasking to have hair extensions stay in place when you have thin hair. Therefore, you should back-comb your hair roots with a standard brush before wearing the hair extensions. While doing so, use some oil or hairspray to enhance the texture and firmness of your hair. This way, the hair extensions will stay in place for the entire day.

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