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Different Types of Hair Extensions

They are many different types of hair extensions giving many people choices on what they might want, but it also makes it confusing to pick the one you want. Here in our article, we discuss some of the ‘Different types of Hair Extensions’, if you want to know more, read on!

Extra Details

Before we go into the various types of Hair Extensions there are, it is important to note a few extra details about Hair Extensions. They can either be synthetic, meaning it is fake hair coated with a thin layer of silicon, giving them that natural ‘glossy’ look, however, this usually fades over time. Synthetic hair cannot be dyed, and heat cannot be applied to it, they are less expensive than human hair, but that is because of the low quality and the lack of versatility.

Then you have Human Hair Extensions, which are just like Human Hair. They act and feel just like human hair, meaning you can dye it or apply heat to an extent. They blend seamlessly with your natural hair, but just like natural hair, it looks better when you take care of them. Their quality and versatility make them the top choice of Hair Extensions.

Micro Rings

These Extensions are applied by looping the small pieces of extensions through your natural hair then securing them with a pair of pliers and metal beads.They are widely popular across they UK and we offer our Micro Ring Hair Extensions in Bedford and other areas! The small pieces of hair extensions are used so the hair can blend efficiently into your own. They are very small making them virtually invisible. They also come as Human Hair, so quality is offered with Micro Ring Hair Extensions. They contain all the great qualities for beautiful Hair Extensions.

Pre Bonded Rings

Pre Bonded Hair Extensions are probably one of the most popular choices of Hair Extensions and we offer our Pre Bonded Hair Extensions in Milton Keynes as well as other areas in the UK. They are beautiful and highly discreet. They are pre bonded hair extensions that are secured using different adhesives, but in our case we use Keratin. They are 100% human hair and can be styled and dyed just like your natural hair, as well as versatility; they also offer longevity as they are permanent for up to six months.

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