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Easy festival hairstyles

As festival season begins to kick off over the summer months, it is essential us girls hack those festival hairstyles! Here we tell you a few different ways you can style your hair and the best ways to maintain your locks through a four day camping weekend.

What festival hairstyles should I be following?

If you want to keep your hair as low maintenance as possible go for a wig – in recent months wigs have become more on trend and allow you to change up your hair colour without having to dye it. When it comes to festivals, you don’t want to stick to simple tones, if you’re going to choose a wig we recommend getting your wacky side out and going for either neon greens, oranges or pinks, or pastel tones.

Rainbow braids are also another festival favourite of ours if you’re wearing nano ring hair extensions in Milton Keynes why not add a little colour to your braids. Braids are a great festival hairstyle as you do not have to wash your hair throughout the weekend and they can look fantastic for days.

Half up half down

Half up half down hairdos are great for festivals they allow you to keep your feminine side but also keep the flyaway hairs away from your face while you’re dancing. Half up half down hair can work on any style hair from curly, straight and even naturally dried hair.

If you have styled your hair down on the first couple of days half up hair is a great way to spice thing up, it can also help hide the fact your hairs about three days old. You can also add a little glitter to the parting using standard hair gel. If you would like to know a few different ways of styling your hair we recommend taking a look at Marie Claire.


90’s hairstyles are coming back! Let your inner child come out with your festival hairstyle. Keep your bunches high and poker straight for that edgy vibe. Bunches also go with a range of outfits; they also look fabulous with big bold sunglasses.

Glitter roots

We previously mentioned glitter roots; there are so many different colours you can choose for your roots. In recent festivals, we have also seen a zig-zag root used to get that edgy vibe. One thing we would like to point out is this hairstyle can be a little messy at times. So if you want to have a go at using glitter, we recommend doing it towards to end of the festival to minimise the risk of your festival outfits all being covered in glitter.

Space buns

Space buns are a great trend that has made its way back over the years, bring your inner baby spice ours with high buns. It might not be a hairstyle you want to use for an every day look but is great for bringing your funky side out at a festival. Space buns also work all up or half up half down.

Unicorn braids

If you want to wear your hair down but want to add a little something special to your hairstyle why not introduce a middle part braid (unicorn braids). To create this braid all you need it to section your hair off into a middle part, grab a section of about 2 inches wide in the middle of the part. We always recommend using a little hair wax to keep all the flyaways down while you boogy, one of the best wax’s to get when you are at a festival is got2b glue the application process is so easy as it comes in a spray bottle and avoids any getting all over your hands. You can then either use a normal braid or a dutch braid starting from the face and taking it back to the crown. If you want to achieve a sharp look to your style make sure you pull each strand of hair fairly tight to your hair, another benefit of this is that you may also be able to get another day out of this hairstyle.

Viking braids

We have gone through a range of braids already but this year is the year for the Viking braid. Viking braids allow your hair to have that messy but put together look; it is technically a mixture of fishtail, dutch and french braids. You can use them anywhere on your hair and gives you that cool vibe, you also do not have to worry about your hair for a couple of days, as it embraces a messy and gritty look.

Beach waves

If you’re thinking of adding a little oomph to your hair over the festival period then beach waves are a great look for you. A volumous yet messy hair look, means once styled you don’t have to think about it too much.


lIf you are not the kind of person that likes to permanently dye their hair then there are now so many different options out there for you to choose from. Brands are now making it their mission to provide us girls with a selection of wash out colours, it is also a great way of testing weather you actually want the colour before you go to buy. A couple of brands we have been liking recently are:


Music festivals are one of the best places for you to go wild with accessories. There is so much more out there for you to choose from such as hair rings, head scarves, statement clips and even hair tattos. If your wanting to have a plain hairstyle why not spice it up with hair charms.

We hope your hair looks fab for your festival

Each hairstyle is relatively easy to achieve and can even be done in a tent! Make sure you plan ahead if you’re thinking of using glitter, we also recommend making a hairdrobe for your festival, so you know exactly what hairstyle you want to wear each day.

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