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Hair Extensions on Finance

Have you been looking for high quality hair extensions? Well, you have come to the right place. Angel Hair Extensions prides itself in offering the best hair extensions at the best price and with friendly payment terms. Instead of paying the total amount for the hair extensions (upon purchase), we allow you to spread the cost of your hair extensions over time. Why skip when you can buy now and pay later?

Pay for Your Hair Monthly

Angel Hair Extensions understands your financial situation. We have a finance package that is suitable for your precise budget. Whether you have bad credit or a low income, you can always trust us to get you the best financing arrangement with our ‘pay later’ system. Clients can choose to complete the payment within he first thirty days or in subsequent months. If you choose to spread over your payments in the following months, you should get in touch with us to arrange for the most suitable financing options. All this is in a bid to make everything more affordable for you.

How to Apply for Angel Hair Extensions Finance

Applying for hair finance has never been this easy. If you have a UK bank account or card, you can qualify for Angel Hair Extensions finance. How so? You only need to visit our official website and click on the ‘apply for finance today’ prompt. You will then fill in your first name, last name, as well as email. Using a drop down menu, you will then enter the amount you wish to borrow from Angel Hair Extensions. Our finance support team will then get back to you within 24hours and notify you of your eligibility.

Our Finance Application Process

Our financing application process covers a few steps;

Assessing the value of the items you are eligible for
Generation of an application link specific to your needs
Approval, signing, and completion of the process
We have various hair products that you will love.

Whether you want extensions or hair care products, you can find them at our shop. Depending on our number of requests, we may get back to you in thirty minutes or up to 24 hours.

How to Cancel Your Financing Process

Angel Hair Extensions prides itself on quality products and customer support. This has won us so many clients that we are grateful for. However, if you wish to cancel or reschedule your order, you must notify us within the first 48hours of placing the order. You can easily do so by using our online booking system. This gives us ample time to make the adjustments. Your deposit (paid initially) will still be usable if you reschedule. However, if you cancel your financing, you will lose it.

Contact Us Today for Financing

We love and value your feedback. You can quickly get through to us via our phone number, email service, and a website contact form. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more engaging conversations about your hair and quality hair care tips. Talk to us today and see how much we care.

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