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Why LA Weave is so popular

Why is the LA Weave so popular?

The LA Weave is a revolutionary new method of hair extensions, which can be fitted in under an hour. More and more clients are opting for the LA weave over other methods as it is so easy to look after and you can achieve a thick full head of hair which is only fitted on 2 rows rather than all over the head like the individual strand methods.

The LA Weave isn’t braided in like the traditional weave, which is only really suitable for Afro-Caribbean hair, and is not recommended for Caucasian hair due to it being fitted so tightly and causing tension on fine European hair. It is also quite bulky due to the braids. The LA weave is different and better because it is simply sewn to a row of micro rings that are fitted comfortably and it also lays nice and flat. You can still tie your hair up without it being visible and it is the kindest extension method to your hair. We use Beauty Works hair for the LA Weave, and this hair can last for 6-9 months.

We are authorised LA Weave technicians, with specialist experience in all hair extension methods, but of course you can go for any method of your choice.

How to care for your LA Weave?

No matter what Hair Extensions you have installed, it is good to remember that maintenance is key. The more you take care of your hair the better it looks. When brushing your hair, the best type to use is a detangling brush, it is the best for removing dead strands of hair and it ensures the LA Weave does not get distributed and the Micro Rings do not get pulled out. Treating your extensions with care means you can have it looking good for longer. Brushing your hair from the tip whilst holding on to the weft means you can prevent your hair from tugging, which can leave both your extensions and your hair very vulnerable.

Come in for a free consultation!

At Angel Hair Extensions we offer free consultations to all of our clients. We strongly recommend that you come in to see us if you are considering having your LA Weave hair Extensions so that we can discuss all your requirements and expectations.

With you, we will make sure your hair is suitable, go through all the different methods with you, and recommend the most suitable method for your hair and your lifestyle. We will also colour match your hair to ensure it matches perfectly with the LA Weave hair extensions. All consultations are free and non obligatory so you can always go away and have a think about it before deciding to go ahead.

We offer our LA Weaves in may areas across the UK, including our beautiful LA Weaves in Milton Keynes! For more information or to arrange an appointment, feel free to call us on 07985 401836.

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