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Styling Hair Extensions

So you just had your brand new hair extensions fitted, so now what? Getting new hair extensions can be overwhelming because you never know how it will look like when it’s finished or how easy looking after them will be. In our latest article, we discuss different ways of ‘Styling Hair Extensions’, for more read on!

Quick Tips

To style your hair extensions properly, the right products are needed. All technicians should always recommend aftercare products suitable for the type of extensions you had. Here at Angel Hair Extensions we offer advice on aftercare and maintenance for whatever Hair Extensions in Milton Keynes you choose to have installed!


Before washing your hair with hair extensions, invest in a tangle teezer brush, they are specially designed to glide smoothly through hair extensions and stop them from getting matted. The best thing to do is to then let your hair extensions air dry, but if you do use a blow dryer, set it on the lowest heat. There are certain products that are the most suitable for hair extensions such as sulphate-free products; they are fantastic as they do not dry out your extensions so you can enjoy them for much longer. When styling always ensure heat protect spray is as with human hair extensions heat can be applied. Be gentle, when styling, try not to pull and tug on your hair extensions, especially if the installation is fresh as this can shorten the lifespan of your extensions.

Curls and Volume

It’s no secret that adding extensions to your hair can add extra volume. Professionally installed extensions can give a more natural look, and stylists can place them on the more difficult areas. We offer our professionally fitted Micro Ring Hair Extensions in Milton Keynes along with our Pre Bonded Hair Extensions in Milton Keynes, our LA Weaves in Milton Keynes and finally our Nano Ring Hair Extensions in Milton Keynes and provide every client with beautiful blended and installed Beauty Works luxury human hair extensions at cost effective prices.

To style, add heat protectant then use a big barrel curling iron to make big soft curls. You can comb it back into a low curly bun with two wisps framing your face or even let the curls flow free. With hair extensions, styles such as French twists and updos look much fuller.


With all hair extensions, styling your hair just got more versatile, and there are many more styles you can try. As long as you can maintain your hair extensions, use the recommended aftercare products, and treat them with care, you can be sure to enjoy your extensions for much longer!

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