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Everything You Need to Know About Tape In Hair Extensions

Tape in hair extensions is a fast and convenient way for women to improve their hair length and volume. Hair extensions have been used for years to increase thickness and length at competitive prices. There are a few things you are going to want to know about tape-in hair extensions before deciding if this method is the right option for you.

They Look Natural

One of the main benefits of tape in hair extensions is how natural they look, as they are virtually undetectable. Even when you have your hair tied up, the tape won’t be seen. The tape-in extensions are ideal for women who have thin or fine hair. The tape sits almost flush with the head, reducing the chance of anyone noticing that it isn’t your real hair.

Choose From a Variety of Shades

Chances are over the years you have coloured your hair. Even if you haven’t, most natural hair isn’t just one shade. Over time your hair naturally gets a little bleached from the sun and your hair can take on lighter tones. With tape-in hair extensions, you can add a variety of shades to keep your hair looking as natural as possible.

Fast and Easy Application

The good news is that you can have your tape-in hair extensions applied during your lunch break. In most cases, the extension application process can take just half an hour.

They Require Ongoing Maintenance

Angel Hair Extensions Tape in hair extensions can last for up to eight weeks without maintenance, which is determined by your own natural hair growth. Most people will need to visit their hair salon and have their hair extensions maintained every five to eight weeks. This involves the removal of the extensions and then re-taping and repositioning. To remove the extensions, we will use a quality brand remover like Beauty Works. If you leave your tape extensions for more than eight weeks, there is an increased risk of your extensions falling out and your own natural hair growing too long, which can result in matting and tangling to your natural hair.

Are These Extensions Really Taped In?

The taped-in hair extensions are really taped in. Each individual weft is applied to your natural hair using a medical-grade adhesive to provide a secure hold for up to eight weeks. The number of wefts used is determined by the thickness you want to achieve and your own natural hair. At Angel Hair Extensions, we only use natural human hair, which is easier to wash and style.

Semi-Permanent Solution You Can Trust

Tape in hair extensions are semi-permanent, which makes them suitable for most women. You don’t have to clip in the extension daily and you aren’t stuck with the same style for months. These are also cheaper than some of the other options and much faster when it comes to application.

Thicker and Fuller Hair in Less Than One Hour

Anyone that wants to lengthen or thicken their own natural hair can use the tape in hair extensions, though it is not recommended for anyone who has really thick or curly hair.

Easy to Care For

Your tape in hair extensions are quick and easy to care for, as long as you use the correct shampoo and conditioner recommended by your hair professional. You will want to be careful when it comes to washing and conditioning, as you don’t want to loosen the tape, the same as you don’t want to condition your roots as this can make the tapes slip. Remember to brush your hair a few times daily with a special tangle-teezer brush to reduce the risk of tangles.

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