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How often should I wash my hair?

Making sure us girls have the perfect hair-washing schedule can sometimes be tricky business especially when we have to coordinate it with social events. Washing your hair too often can cause your hair to become dry and break, or too oily. If you wash it not often enough, it can become lifeless and dirty. We can struggle to find a schedule that suits are daily routines. Here we are going to discuss our top tips and answer your question of how often should I wash my hair.

How often should I wash my hair?

There are a number of things you need to consider when thinking about washing your hair like your daily activities and the type of hair you have. You also need to think about the products you are using and how they might affect how often you need to wash your locks.

Your hair gets greasy the same way your skin does, the glands in your scalp produce sebum – an oil-like substance which prevents your hair from drying out and becoming brittle. The only annoying thing about sebum is not everyone produces the same amount so a hair washing routine might work for one person but not the next.

Why does my hair texture matter?

We always recommend you purchase a shampoo and conditioner specific for your hair type there is no point in buying shampoo that is meant for people with dry hair when your hair is in excellent condition, you will only be adding additional oils to your hair that will make you want to wash it more frequently. Every hair type and colour requires specific and particular attention, so washing your hair is no exception. If you have thicker hair, you can probably get away with washing your hair less, as it can go longer without cleansing. Thinner hair is more likely to become oily and dirty quicker. Coarse hair can also be left longer without washing, you will want the oils to improve the feel of your hair, while those with silkier locks need to wash it more frequently. If you are unsure on what texture your hair might be give Philip Kinglsey’s article a read on hair textures explained.


Sometimes its hard to remember what you have going on in your life let alone scheduling your washing routine around it. There will be many times you will have washed your hair in the morning and styled it effortlessly, then after work, you go for a workout and afterwards your hair greasy and floppy with no bounce. Unfortunately, if you are more active, you’re more likely to be washing your hair more often.

Two Girls In Gym

How often you style your hair

Styling your hair will put it through its paces whether this means constantly changing the colour, curling or straightening it every day. You will want to take the way you style your hair into consideration and how much treatment it may need to restore it into a perfect smooth condition. So don’t be afraid to go a couple of days without shampooing, the natural oils in your hair work really well for people with dry, coarse manes.

Girl With Hair Styled

Less is more

The less you wash your hair, you are more likely not to have to clean it so frequently. You want to use something that is not overly stripping of the hair oils or moisture, however, if you are a gym goer or swimmer it is essential to remove excess chlorine. If you are washing your hair every day, you are also more likely to use heat on your locks, which is still incredibly damaging. If you are in doubt why not try a little dry shampoo, its fantastic for those days you are unsure of whether to wash it or get another day out of it. You can also give Total Beauty article a read on the best and worst dry shampoo. So why not see how long you can go without washing your hair?

Hair extensions

You must be thinking what is the best way and how often do I wash my hair extensions? We recommend that before you lather your locks in shampoo and conditioner, you always brush through your hair extensions. The point of brushing your hair before you wash is to make the brushing process after you step out the shower a lot easier, removing any tangles beforehand will help immensely.

Washing your hair extensions

It’s essential that when you go to wash your hair extensions the flow of the water follows your hair growth, we suggest you don’t wash your hair over the bath as this can encourage tangling and put too much strain on the roots. It also means there is higher risk of shampoo and conditioner not being rinsed out properly and creating a build up of product. When washing your hair with hair extensions in you are more likely to use more product to clean your hair. It is vital that you ensure all product is rinsed thoroughly, one of the most common causes of you extensions becoming itchy is due to product still being on your scalp or in your hair. When applying conditioner, we always suggest to only applying it to the lengths and ends of your hair and to stay as clear of your scalp as possible. Conditioner near the roots of your Nano rings can cause them to slip which just means you will be going back to see your hair extension lady a lot sooner then you hoped to.


There are a number of different things you need to take into account when trying to decide on a specific hair-washing schedule. We can’t tell you how often you should be washing your hair, but you might want to think about your day to day activities. Running around and getting sweaty will mean your more likely going to have to wash your locks a lot more than the average person, but that’s nothing a little dry shampoo can’t fix. As we previously mentioned less is more, the less you wash your hair, the better and the more you will get out of it. This also applies to hair extensions, try and see how long you can go without washing your hair. You will soon find that you can go a couple of days without lathering it in shampoo, it will do wonders for your hair and it will also give you a lot of time back you spent washing it!

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